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We help Shopify eCommerce merchant fight fraud orders.

Detect, decrease, and prevent fraud orders and chargebacks. Increase your sales, revenue, and customers.

Fraud Prevention Starts With Our Automated
Risk Management System.


✔︎ Risky orders in real time as they come into your shop.
✔︎ Quickly filter orders that are suspicious.


✔︎ Data that gives better insight to detect things like fake or invalid phone numbers.


✔︎ Orders that are suspected of fraud while also decrease turning down good customers.


✔︎ The fraud system and fine tune the system to better fit your business.
✔︎ Adapt to new changing fraud behaviours in real time.

The Right Pricing for Every Business Stage
With the Protection You Need.

Risk Management System


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14 Day Free Trial
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No Minimum Order
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Best for merchants with over
30,000 orders per month

Discounted Rate: $0.025 per order

Custom Fraud Solutions and Integrations

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Fight fraud with big data

Try our phone number look up tool

Extract and see additional data points behind any phone number. The data allows our system to better identify potential fraud orders.

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We’re ready to help with your fraud issues.

We’re ready to help with your fraud issues.

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