Frequently Asked Question

Can Beacon prevent 100% fraudulent orders?

No, beacon does not guarantee every customer it scans will be a legitimate one. Merchants must use caution when determining if the order is real or not. There is currently no software that exit that can prevent 100% of fraud.

The customer says the SMS verification link does not work.

Depending on some phone carries, SMS carries will sometimes cut off the message if the SMS link falls between 140 characters. For best result, make sure the {{link}} in the SMS message box is well within the 140-character limit.

Are all phone numbers marked as VOIP, Landline considered risky?

Although, the likely hood of a number being detected as a VOIP is high, there are sometimes legitimate reasons why a customer maybe using a VOIP number. Communication with customer is key in this situation.

When a customer verifies their account, does it mean the transaction is safe?

No, even with all the data points showing everything is sound fraudulent orders can still happen.

What if the customer has a new phone number?

You can directly update the customer phone number by going to the “Tel Shopify” and clicking on the pencil icon to update the phone number. The system is smart enough to auto prefill the country code automatically. It is recommended to remove any spaces and hyphens, and embedded links from the phone number before saving your changes.

How do I stop Beacon from automatically send out SMS messages?

Click on the settings tab and under “Enable Automatic or Manual Verification”, click on “Manual” then save your settings. Beacon will continue to track new customers but will not send out any SMS verification message or emails. You may manually verify customers by selecting “Bulk Action” and choosing “Resend SMS” option.

Does Beacon send out an SMS message every time a customer places an order?

No, Beacon tracks only tracks new customer. Once a customer has been verified, Beacon will not re-verify that customer again. However, if the same customer creates a new account, Beacon will recognize the customer as a new customer and will re-verify the customer.

How do I re-send an SMS verification message?

By selecting “Bulk Action” and choosing “Resend SMS” option.

What does “Verify-SYS” tag mean in the customer profile page?

The Verify-SYS tag means that the customer has successfully clicked on the verification link sent to them through the SMS message. Beacon, uses this tag to track new customers. Removing this tag will result in Beacon re-sending the SMS verification message again.

How to manually install/uninstall verification page to your Theme?


Step 1: In the menu, click on "Online Store"

Step 2: Themes -> Actions: Edit Code

Step 3: Add a new template under "Templates".

Step 4: Create a new Template for "page" called "verify".

Step 5: Copy the script
Step 6: Paste it to your recently created page and save it.

Step 7: Go to "Online Store" -> "Pages"

Step 8: Create new page and name it "Verify"

Step 9: Click on "template suffix" in the left bar and choose"page.verify"


Step 1: In the menu, click on "Online Store"

Step 2: Themes -> Actions: Edit Code

Step 3: Add a new template under "Templates".

Step 4: Select "pages.verify.liquid" and delete it.

Step 5: Go to "Online Store" -> "Pages"

Step 6: Select page with name "Verify" and delete it